Drew and I recently married in April 2016 and are ready to start this next exciting and adventurous chapter of our life together. We met working at the same restaurant 6.5 years ago, Drew as the Chef and I as a waitress/bartender. I began working at the restaurant after just returning back from a semester abroad in Milan, Italy. As a student, I took every opportunity I had to travel to various other European cities.  While I had traveled the world with my parents growing up, it was that time in Italy that really gave me the travel bug. From that point on I knew that I would return to Europe, not as a tourist but to live again as a local. Upon meeting Drew (and having a career as a CHEF!) I knew he was the perfect person to take this journey with me. Having just married, we are eager as ever to leave our jobs and house in Philadelphia, travel throughout Europe experiencing the local life, before returning to the states and settling down in the Pacific Northwest.